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Important DVLA Changes to Retention Certificate Renewals - V778 V750


What Are The Changes?

If you own an expired registration and have it held on a retention document (V778) rather than a vehicle, you need to renew or extend it with the DVLA by December 18th, 2019.

If you miss this deadline, you’ll lose your registration and will not be able to use it in the future.

This applies to registrations purchased before March 9th, 2015 that expired on or after May 1st, 2011 and have been kept on a retention certificate rather than a vehicle. 

Unfortunately, if your certificate expired before May 1st, 2011 then the DVLA will not renew it.

Because of the urgent nature of this change, if you have purchased a registration with us and may be affected, we will have attempted to contact you by email and/or text.

What You Need To Do

Firstly, you need to check the expiry date on the Certificate of Entitlement (V750).

If the certificate has expired and shows you as the purchaser (check the top left hand corner), then you’ll need to follow the instructions on the certificate to extend it with DVLA. And again, make sure you do this before the deadline of December 18th.

If you are not the purchaser, then you should urgently contact the person or company who is named as purchaser to speak to them about renewing.

Get in touch with us if your certificate has expired and the purchaser name is National Numbers. You will need to post the expired certificate back to us by Friday, December 13th at the absolute latest, to give us chance to send them on to the DVLA.

Why Have The Rules Changed?

We’re unsure. Remember, it is the DVLA who have changed the rules, not us! We’ve campaigned against these changes as members of our various trade organisations but unfortunately, haven’t been successful.

We are however, eager to help our customers as quickly and smoothly as possible, so have attempted to get in touch with everybody on our books who may be affected by the DVLA changes.

If you purchased a registration from National Numbers prior to 1st March 2015, and it’s never been assigned it to a vehicle, give our admin team a call on 01642 365000, 10-4pm Mon-Fri.

Outside of these hours, please email or call 01642 363738.

If you didn't purchase your registration from National Numbers, we have no legal access to documents to resolve these issues, if this is the case you need to contact the DVLA.

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