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How Do I Remove My Number Plate?

The quickest means is to do this online. If you want to transfer the number plate straight to another vehicle, you'll need information from the V5C's for both vehicles; fill out the relevant details the DVLA ask for, and the transfer will take place.

If you're not ready to put the plate onto another vehicle just yet, you can move the registration onto a V778 retention certificate - which is valid for 10 years - and can be used to put it onto a vehicle at some future point (or perpetually renewed).

If you're unable to use the online service, you'll need to send your request - including a completed V317 transfer form, and the V5C for the car that has the number plate you want to remove - direct to the DVLA in the post.

Note that to take part in a transfer like this, all involved vehicles must be taxed and tested, and the V5C shouldn't highlight the registration as one that cannot be transfered (usually there's a message along the lines of 'Non-transferable Registration Mark' stamped on the log book to warn you if this is the case).

When Should I Remove My Private Plate?

You should remove your registration plate when either scrapping or selling the vehicle and you wish to keep the registration plate.

You should do this before you dispose of the vehicle. If the registration is still showing on the V5C (log book) for the vehicle when it leaves your possession, you've also lost possession of the number plate as the V5C is essentially the proof that you own the registration.

If you transfer the ownership of the car to someone else, then they will become the owner of the registration along with the vehicle. If scrapped, there's then no hope of the number plate ever being issued again. The DVLA do not re-issue plates that have previously been on vehicles.

If you are able to remove the registration using the DVLA's online service to remove a number plate, then this can be done instantly. A new/replacement V5C will be sent to you - which can take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.

If you need to perform the removal by post, then you need to allow around 2 weeks for your request to be processed, and then the 4 to 6 weeks for the replacement V5C to arrive.

If you have no interest in keeping the registration, then you don't have to do anything and can let the number plate go with the vehicle. However, it may be first worth getting a free valuation for your plate in case you're sitting on something worth more than you expect! Back in the early 1900's, before private plates were seen as desirable items, countless registrations that today would be worth tens - if not hundreds - of thousands of pounds were simply scrapped along with the vehicles they were on. Your plate might not fetch quite those figures, but if it contains certain numbers, initials or matches a name or word, it may make it worthwhile saving it from simply being lost forever.

For further information: Retain A Registration With DVLA Retention Scheme

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