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How Do I Remove My Number Plate?

The quickest means is to do this online. If you want to transfer the number plate straight to another vehicle, you'll need information from the V5C's for both vehicles; fill out the relevant details the DVLA ask for, and the transfer will take place.

If you're not ready to put the plate onto another vehicle just yet, you can move the registration onto a V778 retention certificate - which is valid for 10 years - and can be used to put it onto a vehicle at some future point (or perpetually renewed).

If you're unable to use the online service, you'll need to send your request - including a completed V317 transfer form, and the V5C for the car that has the number plate you want to remove - direct to the DVLA in the post.

Note that to take part in a transfer like this, all involved vehicles must be taxed and tested, and the V5C shouldn't highlight the registration as one that cannot be transfered (usually there's a message along the lines of 'Non-transferable Registration Mark' stamped on the log book to warn you if this is the case).

For further information: Retain A Registration With DVLA Retention Scheme

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