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What Happens After I Remove My Number Plate?

You will be sent a new V5C in the post from the DVLA. Because a car cannot be on the road without a registration, this will show an age-related replacement registration that the DVLA have issued you.

If the plate you are removing is a private plate, then it is often the case that the original registration the vehicle had will be returned to it.

Once you know this reg, you can order some acrylic number plates to put on the vehicle, inform your insurer, and then proceed to scrap, sell or generally pass ownership of the vehicle on, safe in the knowledge the reg has been saved.

If you transferred the registration straight to another vehicle, and you did this online, you'll have been told the transfer was complete and should already now be displaying the plate you salvaged. If you had to wait for the V5C in the post, you'll now know the transfer went OK and can put the acrylic plates on your car, and inform your insurer of the change.

If you weren't porting this number plate to another vehicle, but now have it on a V778 retention certificate, you don't have to perform any additional steps. If your goal is to eventually put the registration onto a vehicle, then once you are ready you can follow this guide to assign a number plate certificate to a vehicle.

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