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Northern Irish Number Plates

As part of the United Kingdom, registration marks issued in Northern Ireland can be transferred to vehicles in England, Scotland and Wales. Plates on vehicles registered in the Republic of Ireland are not eligible.

Northern Ireland has its own distinct number plate registrations, 1, 2, 3 or 4 numbers, paired with a block of letters than always contain an I or Z. The letter combinations work as an original area-identifier, for example, Enniskillen originally allocated "IL" marks. These were followed by AIL, BIL, CIL, DIL, EIL, etc.

Northern Irish reg can be placed into the 'dateless' category of number plates, meaning you can assign them to roadworthy vehicles of any age. This has led to them being used as convenient "cover" plates. In other words, these plates can be used to disguise the year of your vehicle. Would you know how old a car was if it was registered with KEZ 9620 or LJZ 1553?

A cheap Northern Irish number can make a less costly alternative to the more expensive dateless number plates. Even with the I or Z character in the letters, there's a good selection of names and words that are available such as ANZ, DAZ, BIG, EDZ, DIG, MIL, RIA and so on.

How do I transfer Northern Irish Number Plates?

National Numbers have been buying, selling and arranging the transfer of Northern Irish registrations for many years. We were amongst the first to develop the market in NI number plates and have our own collection of registrations administered by our NI representative. We also organise the sale of Irish numbers owned by members of the public.

If you purchase an NI reg from us, the transfer will occur in exactly the same way as if you'd purchased a GB registration. If anything, it's simpler - as you don't need to worry about choosing an age appropriate reg for the vehicle!

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