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Prestige Number Plates


Prestige number plates are those that belong on prestigious cars, and are generally very short and to the point. Otherwise known as cherished reg, Prestige number plates tend to come with hefty price tags, well in the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Examples of Prestige Number Plates

Some of the most prestigious number plates are understandably the most expensive. The legendary A1 car registration is probably the most famous example of a prestige number plate, issued in 1903 in London. It was purchased by Earl Russell who had his Butler queue up all night outside the licencing authorities office in London in 1903. A1 is said to be worth around £10 million in today’s market, if it were up for sale, which it most certainly isn’t.

Other examples of prestige number plates are those such as 25 O which went for a mind boggling £518,000 in 2014, purchased by a Ferrari dealer. As is the case with most prestige number plates however, this is likely to be worth at least £750,000 if it went up for sale today.

Why Do People Buy Prestige Number Plates?

There are a few reasons to purchase a prestige number plate. The most common one is to make your prestigious vehicle stand out that little bit more. Not many millionaires will spend hundreds of thousands on a car and leave the DVLA registered number plate on it, they need a prestige number plate to match the vehicle or their name, job or some other aspect of their personality.

The second reason is investment, number plates generally only ever go up in value, so a collectors item like F 1 could go for hundreds of thousands one year, and over a million in years to come. The unique nature of these plates make them very appealing to investors and collectors, who want the most prestigious number plate to sell off or hold on registration, or on their own vehicle.

Prestige Number Plates on a Budget

You also don’t necessarily need to be a millionaire to snag a prestige number plate, there are lots of Northern Irish number plates that are much cheaper than cherished or dateless registrations, with a much smaller price tag. Take a look at our range here.

Where Can I Buy a Prestige Number Plate?

You might be wondering where on earth you can get a prestige number plate, well lucky you, as you are currently in the correct place to do just that.

We have over 74 on our database, many of them in the dateless, or cherished format. These are the plates that often command the highest price tags, and the label of prestige number plate. You can use our handy search tool at the top of this page to search for your perfect reg, and a multitude of number plate options will appear. You can also call our fantastic sales staff on 01642 363738 to get the ball rolling.

All in all, there are lots of options available if you’re looking to buy a prestige number plate, and the best place to find them is right here with National Numbers. Simply use the search tool at the top of this page, or give our experienced sales staff a call on 01642 363738.

With almost 40 years of experience and expertise at National Numbers, we will guide you through the plate purchasing process, and lead you directly to your ideal prestige number plate.

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