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Private Number Plates

Private Number Plates from National Numbers

Private number plates are a great way to make your vehicle more unique to you.

While some people are perfectly happy to accept an "ordinary" car registration, others may want something a bit different to add a touch of individuality to their vehicle. Here at National Numbers, you'll be able to search for private registration numbers using our number plates search facility - it's never been so easy!

Searching for your ideal plate

To search our site, simply type in your initials, name or any other phrase - we'll be able to tell you within seconds whether your plate of choice is already registered with us. You can use our search box to type in literally anything and you will get a result.

Of course, if you're a newcomer to the world of personalised number plates, we'll offer you unique expert advice. We have experienced sales and admin staff on the phone as well.

Where to start? Private number plates for beginners

Well, price range is an important consideration. At National Numbers we aim to treat clients with hundreds to spend in the same way as buyers with thousands of pounds at their disposal. The web site is designed to give imaginative, easy to use searches to inspire you and, don't forget, we offer 0% finance on most private number plates.

Often, if you are after cheap number plates, a good place to start is to find your initials coupled with a prefix letter. Don't forget, you can't use a year letter to make your vehicle appear newer than it is. In simple terms, you can't put an X reg on V reg vehicle even if you regard it as a private number plate.

Another important source of cheap plates is Irish number plates which start from below £100. These private plates come from Northern Ireland, contain an "I" or "Z" in the letters but no actual year letter identifier easily recognisable in the mainland. This makes them ideal for "covering up" the year of manufacture of your vehicle, allowing you to "keep up with the Joneses" without having to buy a new car. For example, would you know how old is a car registered with GNZ 6418? - exactly. Some people are lucky enough to have their name available, for example, FIL, BIL, WIL, BAZ, DAZ, CAZ, GAZ etc, although these combinations tend to be more expensive.

Of course, if you have more to spend, then you can use our database to search for your actual name (christian or surname) or your initials with just one or two numbers with no year letter. Examples that spell names are:- 10 OYD £6,500; R11 CKS £10,000; SUS 17N £6,000; BRY 17N £10,000; or CRA 16V £5,500.
Examples of short initial private number plates on the database at the time of writing include 41 MD £8,000, 43 GP at £6000 and 46 RD £7,500. However, we are very difficult to insult, so please feel free to make us a sensible offer.

Another mark amongst previous company stock is TO02 FAR (Too, too far). This number plate, while on a vehicle, has caused observers endless enjoyment - especially when the car was being used in the Lake District. Imagine the laughter as tired fell walkers limped back to the car park after (yet again) overdoing it and going too, too far!

So, private number plates can be personal, as in names, initials etc, be sport-related, for fun, to cover a year-letter or whatever you want them to be. As you can begin to see, private plates mean many things to many people but, to return to the idea of choice, they tend to appeal to drivers who want to stamp their personality on their plate and not just on the choice of their particular make of vehicle.

Start your search.

Our friendly sales staff have guided thousands of clients through their first venture into choosing a private registration mark. To further put your mind at rest, we are executive members of the CNDA (Cherished Numbers Dealers Association), affiliated to the R.M.I. (Retail Motor Industry). We have been in business for more than 35 years. Try our number plates search facilities to find your ideal mark or phone us for ideas.

You will currently be driving a vehicle. Many number plates have an intrinsic value. If you would like to discover the value of your number plate try our free instant valuation service. It takes only a few seconds and you get the answer straight away, no waiting, and no delay. We are the only dealer to have invented this system and we are very proud of it. Perhaps the mark on your car could become someone's private plate?

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