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Replacement Car Number Plates


It is a legal requirement in the UK for a vehicle to display a registration plate. If you need a replacement number plate, you can obtain one from a number plate supplier who is registered on the DLVA Register Of Number Plate Suppliers (RNPS).

You must provide proof of identity plus official vehicle documents in order to obtain a replacement plate. Buying number plates without showing the correct documentation is against the law. Displaying illegal number plates on your vehicle could result in a £1,000 fine.

Here at National Numbers, we offer number plate replacement services from two recommended suppliers, depending on the kind of replacement plate your vehicle needs.

Replacement number plates

Standard Sized Number Plates

For all UK standard sized number plates, Replace My Plates provide an online replacement plate service for cars and motorcycles in 3 easy steps. Order your replacement plates online now.

Classic And Vintage Style Number Plates

If you require classic or vintage style registration plate for your vehicle, more details and information on Vintage And Black Number Plates. Alternatively, you can contact Framptons who are the UK's leading Classic Plate supplier, on 0114 273 1151 and view their large range of vintage and classic plates at

Need An Irregular Sized Plate?

Customers that have purchased personalised car registration plates from National Numbers and require an unusual sized replacement plate - say for a Jaguar X-Type or MG ZT - please contact our Sales Team on 01642 363738.

DVLA Legal Requirements And Further Information

For further details read more about DLVA legal regulations governing the manufacture and display of your registration mark.

Find Your Perfect Number PlateFind Your Perfect Number PlateFind Your Perfect PlateFind Your Perfect Number Plate
Find Your Perfect Number Plate
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