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A vehicle registration certificate (or V5C document) is issued by DVLA and contains information about the vehicle and the keeper that the registration certificate pertains to.

The vehicle registration number is a number and letter combination that's unique to each vehicle. This is shown on the registration certificate.

The registration certificate is helpful in that it contains sections that allow you to action other services of the DVLA. For instance you may wish to buy or sell a vehicle, or change your name and address details.

Read on for more information regarding notifying DVLA of buying or selling a vehicle, registering a vehicle, changing your name, address, or vehicle details, and action to take if your vehicle is stolen, scrapped or written off.

6 articles in this section:
How to tell DVLA that you've bought a vehicle

How do I register my new vehicle with the DVLA? If you bought a new vehicle from a dealer, they will usually arrange for the vehicle to be registered in your name. Registration Certificate V5C...

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How to register a new vehicle with DVLA

How do I register a vehicle for the first time? Your vehicle may not have ever been registered before with DVLA if it: is brand new is a kit car is imported has been rebuilt or radically...

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Notifying DVLA when you sell a vehicle using a V5C

If you are a seller of a vehicle, you must work with the buyer of the vehicle to provide the information DVLA needs. If your car has a personalised number plate on it, and you wish to keep it, you should...

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Changing details on your registration certificate V5C

DVLA must be informed immediately of any changes to your personal details, or changes to your vehicle. You should return the registration certificate (V5C aka log book) to DVLA so that they can update...

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Lost or stolen vehicle registration certificate V5C

A current and valid registration certificate (V5C) is a legal requirement for applicable vehicles in the UK. So, if yours is stolen or lost, you must replace it immediately. Apply by...

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What to do if your vehicle is scrapped or written off

This article explains the process you must take to ensure DVLA know you are no longer the keeper of a vehicle after you have passed a vehicle on to a scrapping facility, or scrapped the vehicle...

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