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V62 Fee for Vehicle Registration Document

May, 1 2004

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From 1 March 2004 a fee of £19 for an application for a registration certificate (V5C) using V62 form was introduced.

The fee will not apply if changes are notified on a registration document (V5)/certificate (V5C); the relevant section needs to be completed and sent to DVLA, Swansea. Payment is only required if there is no V5/V5C available; then a form V62 needs to be completed and sent, together with the fee of £19, to DVLA. In exchange a brand new vehicle registration certificate (V5C) will be issued.

But why introduce the fee? Well the obvious reason is the need to cover the operational costs of processing the applications. But also for some time now it has been recognised that the public are not aware of the importance of the registration document/certificate and either misplace it or allow vehicles to change hands without the transfer of the relevant documentation.

The reintroduction of the fee for replacement registration certificates emphasises the status of the document. Prospective purchasers should never buy a used car without the V5/V5C; if they do they could be the victims of theft or fraud. The V5C is the key to buying a used car and needs to be carefully stored with other important papers. For more information visit

Don’t buy a used car without a registration document/certificate!

Article by Margaret Mclean, taken from DVL Today - Issue 25 - Reproduced under Crown Copyright

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