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Council to Sell its £7K Number Plate

October, 31 2010

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Taxpayers have won their battle with West Lothian Council, after the local authority decided to sell its £7000 private registration number plate.

Burdened with debt of over £9 billion, the local council believes that the move will send out a positive message to both staff and the community.

Peter Jonston, the council leader, believes that keeping the ASX1 number plate isn't a priority at this stage in time.

Mr Johnston revealed: “We’ve said from the beginning that no stone can be left unturned in our quest to find vital savings in the face of a £60 million budget shortfall.

“Councillors must lead by example and we will be moving to approve these changes at the council executive in early November.”

West Lothian council may be in the minority when it comes to sacrificing the personalised number plates to generate funds.

Several other Scottish councils own some of the most valuable UK number plates ever issued, yet have no intention of selling them to raise funds.

Edinburgh Council owns a number plate which is valued between £100,000 and £500,000 and Glasgow City Council owns two registrations, valued at up to £500,000 each.

John Hulbert of Perth and Kinross Council has the number plate ES 1 on his car, which is valued at £150,000.

The decision by West Lothian Council to cash in on the luxurious number plate is being welcomed by many who seek lower public sector waste.

Emma Boon of the Taxpayers Alliance believes other councils should follow suit.

She said: “While it’s great that West Lothian are selling their number plate and getting rid of their civic car, it’s disappointing that other Scottish councils are yet to follow suit.

“In these tough financial conditions councils must find significant savings.

“It would be unfair to expect taxpayers to continue to fund a civic car and it’s disgraceful for councils to cling on to these luxuries at a time when taxpayers are struggling to make ends meet.”

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