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Most Expensive Number Plates

May, 30 2011

Number Plate News

A personalised registration can be a great way to say something about you.

Although some number plates are more expensive than others.

Here are the top-five number plates in the UK, followed by the top-five number plates in the world.

The Most Expensive Number Plates in the UK


Plate: F1

Price: £440,625

Buyer: Afzal Kahn

Owner of car styling company Project Kahn, Mr Kahn has sported his number plate on his Mercedes-McClaren SLR and Bugatti Veyron.11


Plate: S1

Price: £404,063

Buyer: Anonymous

Bought at Bonhams auction, Chichester, the bidder was reported to have said it would adorn their "old red Skoda."


Plate: 1D

Price: £352,411

Buyer: Nabil Bishara

Property developer Nabil Bishara bought this registration as a surprise for his wife's Bentley.


Plate: M1

Price: £331,500

Buyer: Mike McCoomb

A gift for his ten-year-old-son, Mr McCoomb bought this number plate following the £40 million sale of his mobile phone company.


Plate: VIP 1

Price: £285,000

Buyer: Roman Abramovich

Chelsea owner and Russian oil oligarch Abramovich chose to put his VIP 1 number plate on his Rolls-Royce Corniche IV.

The Most Expensive Number Plates in the World

Not surprisingly, all of the world's top-five most expensive number plates were purchased in Abu Dhabi.


Plate: 1

Price: £7.1m

Saeed Khouri had a very simple explanation for why he spent over £7 million on a number plate: “I bought it because it's the best number.”


Plate: 5

Price: £3.4m

After breaking the world record price for a number plate (at the time) Talal Khouri said that the number 5 meant nothing to him.


Plate: 7

Price: £3m

The number 7 plate was sold at auction, with a video of the event posted on YouTube.


Plate: 9

Price: £1.72m

Sold as part of an auction from May 2008, in which 100 number plates went under the hammer in front of 450 people.


Plate: 7

Price: £1.58m

All of the top 5 number plate sales had the proceeds donated to charity.

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