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Number Plates Used as Weapons During Break-Up!

July, 31 2011

Number Plate News

A court in Manchester heard how a woman who'd suffered heartbreak after breaking-up with her husband to be, resorted to a drunken, car-wrecking rampage.

Debbie Harrison, 31, took her anger out in a Manchester car park on two BMW's, of which one was almost new, and an MG, after drinking 10 pints of lager.

The court heard how Ms Harrison had torn the number plates from two parked vehicles and used them as weapons to cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

Prosecuting in the case, Gareth Hughes told the magistrates court how Ms Harrison had ripped a wing mirror off one car, damaged to other cars, spat on all of the cars and even bent back windscreen wipers during her rage.

"I was upset and angry - I am very sorry and embarrassed," Ms Harrison told the court.

Chairman of the court, Bruce Westwood stated: "These are very serious offences and custody was an option. The fact that you were drunk is no excuse whatsoever."

Ms Harrison pleaded guilty to the three counts of criminal damage and handed 12 months supervision and made to attend a women's programme and seek support from the alcohol team.

In addition, she was given a £435 charge for the damage caused during the incident.

Defending for the case, Damian Zelazowski revealed how Ms Harrison has "drowned her sorrows" in bars after she'd returned her engagement ring to her boyfriend.

"It had been a whirlwind romance. It was intense and she saw it as her future," explained Mr Zelazowski.

"And when the engagement ended after a row over his behaviour towards her she was heartbroken and went drinking with a friend.

The court heard Harrison who had two previous convictions for drunk and disorderly, had a problem with binge drinking.

"She has expressed genuine remorse and wishes to apologise for her outrageous behaviour."

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