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Lord Mayor's DN1 Limo Number Plate Valued at £100k

August, 5 2011

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Number Plate experts have valued the Lord Mayor of York's DN1 limousine at £100,000 or more.

Number Plate experts have valued the Lord Mayor of York's DN1 limousine at £100,000 or more.

Posing as the owner of the number plate, Mr John Jones contacted an expert requesting a valuation.

According to the expert, the figure of £100k is not excessive when dealing with personalised number plate sales.

The personalised registration 'F1' sold for almost half a million pounds in 2008, with the number plate 'S1' sold the same year for just over £400,000.

Mr Jones had recently claimed that if the City of York Council was to go ahead with plans to replace the limousine, as has been mooted recently, the number plate should be sold, with the proceeds put towards its funding.

“When the council is cutting back on front-line services and losing jobs, the last thing we want is a private number plate worth upwards of £100,000," explained Mr Jones. "It’s obscene."

"A five lion crest on the side of the car is sufficient.”

Not everybody is on Mr Jones' side in this heated debate, though.

York Civic Trust chairman, Peter Brown, met the idea with a less than positive reaction.

According to Mr Brown, retaining such an identifiable plate was "crucial."

Liberal Democrat group leader Carol Runciman added: "We should not be selling valuable assets to plug a short-term gap.”

Conservative group leader, Ian Gillies, added to the consensus that selling the number plate would be a bad idea, believing the registration 'DN1' to be an integral part of the city's heritage and a short term measure in selling an asset with such financial appreciation potential.

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