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Widower 'Furious' To Receive Motoring Fine for Deceased Wife

September, 15 2011


A widower has revealed his fury at receiving a letter stating that his wife, who died four years ago, had been summoned to court and fined by the DVLA.

Barry Bartin, of Tamworth, Staffordshire, received a £175 fine from the magistrates court addressed to his late wife Evelyn for failing to notify the DVLA of her car's new owner.

Mr Bartin believed that the car was scrapped in 2009 after his wife lost her battle with breast cancer.

"Initially, when I saw the fine I was in shock. I thought, I cannot believe this, for this to happen four years down the line after her death.

"I have got wonderful memories of her and she never did anything wrong in her life.

"I don't understand how this could have happened. I've informed all the relevant people of her death, but somehow this terrible mistake still happened.

"They said she hadn't notified the DVLA of the car's new owner in February - but as far as I'm aware I sent the car to be crushed two years ago. I just want to clear Evelyn's name."

This is not the first time Mr Bartin received a fine directed at his late wife after receiving a parking fine last year.

"I contacted the DVLA and explained the car had been crushed.

Then a few weeks ago she received another letter - saying she was being fined for failing to tell the DVLA that there had been a change in vehicle owner.

"I rang the court and they said it was the fault of the DVLA, so I contacted the DVLA and sent them a copy of my wife's death certificate."

Mr Bartin was irate after reading in his local newspaper that Evelyn had been fined by magistrates with £60 charged in court costs.

"The authorities are relying on incorrect computer records. This should be brought to light and the DVLA should get its act together," explained Mr Bartin.

"I was told by the authorities that my car had been crushed but now it seems someone is driving around in it.

"What if this person kills someone on the road, or goes through a speed camera?

"There's a very good chance the police will come around and try to arrest my wife, or arrest me, just because their computer tells them to.

"This has caused a lot of distress and it's all over a car I did not think existed."

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