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Over-70s Driving Tests Demanded by Woman Hit by Pensioner

April, 29 2012


A woman who was knocked down in a car park by an 87-year-old man has called for all drivers over 70 to have to resit their driving test.

Helen Harrington was sent into the air by the silver Ford Fusion driven by pensioner Richard Bradley, in Epsom, last year.

The crash caused severe bruising to the legs and ankles of MS sufferer Mrs Harrington, and required four stitches on her right ankle.

Appearing before South East Surrey Magistrates' Court, Mr Bradley was found guilty of driving without due care and attention, given six points on his licence, a £550 fine and made to pay the court costs of £700.

However, the court didn't take his licence away from him, or force him to retake his driving test.

The decision to allow Mr Bradley to remain on the road has been described as "a time bomb waiting to go off" by Mrs Harrington.

To show her discontent, Mrs Harrington has signed up to 'Cassie's Law'; a petition to the Government, pushing for changes to the law following the death of 16-year-old Cassie McCord who was killed by an 87-year-old driver in February.

Just three days prior to Mrs Harrington being stuck, Mr Bradley had been warned by police not to drive following a minor incident, failing an eye test and being sent home.

"Mr Bradley reversed out of a parking space but instead of braking he accelerated forward and hit me and part of another car parked in the next space. I was thrown into the air and landed on my head," explained Mrs Harrington.

"My husband said I looked like a rag doll, flying through the air. The next thing I knew, I was lying on my back, looking up at the sky, screaming.

"I had just been diagnosed with MS and then thought I was going to die because of a crash.

"My lack of injuries went against me in court, but psychologically it obviously affected me.

"He admitted he didn’t even see me.

"He can continue on the roads with only six points on his driving licence and I am scared that he is a time bomb waiting to go off. Somebody could die.

"He should have been banned or the court should have some powers to make his re-take his driving test.

"Something has to be done to check that people are still fit to drive when they get older.

"I am not being ageist, it’s natural that faculties start to go and your reaction time gets slower.

"When you’re 70 you must renew your licence but you have to fill the forms in yourself and if you don’t want to lose your licence, or aren’t aware that you faculties are not what they used to be, your licence will be renewed."

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