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FA57 OAP - World's Fastest Mobility Scooter

March, 27 2013


Above is the fastest mobility scooter in the world … that isn’t a joke either, it actually holds the official Guinness World Record.

Imagine seeing that ride past you on the high-street, or in the supermarket!

The magic comes from the 125cc engine that it was fitted with – an engine normally used for motorcross bikes. The whole thing took three months to build and can reach speeds over 70MPH.

I think it proves that getting on in years doesn’t mean you have to slow down. It is hard to grow out of the need for speed, as certain members of the National Numbers team will tell you.

Tell the world that you refuse to slow down because of your age with a number plate, such as FA57 OAP and FA57 OLD.

It makes me sad to say though that the owner isn’t in factthe coolest granddad in the world. It is actually a young man from Stamford named Colin Furze. Originally a plumber, Colin has become well known for his modifications, his stunts and his world records.

Furze also holds records for the world’s fastest pram.

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