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Drop Stop! The Original (and Unnecessary) Car Seat Gap Filler

May, 7 2014


Is it just me or has the Dragon's Den entrepreneur/inventor culture gone way too far? There is a new product making the rounds in the US called "Drop Stop" that is seemingly pointless. I know there was was plenty of eccentrics and over-keen business men out there well before Dragon's Den was on television but at least these people were confined to their own madness away from us! Even in early Dragon's Den inventions like this would be mocked and sent on their way. Now you cannot escape silly products like this because of teleshopping networks always of the look out for the Dragon's Den rejects.

So what is Drop Stop?

Drop Stop as they describe it "The Original PATENTED Solution to Reduce Driver Distraction". Basically, it is a wedge that you shove in the gaps between your seatbelt and the gear stick so that items such as money, phones, food (yes food) and dignity doesn't fall down that gap and get lost under your seat. Don't believe me?

Take a look at the Drop Stop infomercial

 This is a genuine product you can buy. I am a frequent driver and yes I do occasionally drop items under my seat but even I don't see a need for this. Apparently there is a market for this though as apparently it is catching on in America - though to their credit even Americans are making fun of the silliness of the Drop Stop. One person even noted, regarding the advert, "What's really needed is a working door lock so you stop getting into my car".

Drop Stop? More like Just Stop
No I shouldn'ta

But I don't know, maybe I'm missing the point. Can anyone see the positive in the product? Would anyone find it useful? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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