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Spotted a classic Panhard in North Yorkshire

May, 6 2014


I hope everyone had a very nice bank holiday. If you are like me you rarely get a chance to enjoy a little rest and relaxation and appreciate it when you it comes about. Of course, these days I can’t really relax because I've always got to keep myself busy.

This bank holiday weekend I travelled down to Selby in North Yorkshire. I like road trips because as well as being enjoyable and peaceful it gives me an opportunity to see a few things I'm not used to back home. This occasion was no exception as just outside where we were staying was a classic vehicle that made the child in me jump for joy. There sitting parked up was a century old Panhard.

Panhard classic car

I could not give you the exact model, but from its appearance I’d say you are looking at an early1900s vehicle, likely qualifying for the Brighton Run. I’d go as far as to call it beautiful. My fellow passersby gathered round the amazing piece of history in awe. People couldn’t believe what they were seeing – a combination of appreciation and curiosity. You can see just by looking it how vastly different it is to modern vehicles.

Panhard classic car Panhard classic car

It seems odd to me that whoever owns it – clearly a lover of vehicles like me – had just left it parked on the street. It was even there the next morning, so it was parked in the same spot overnight! Despite that in all seriousness I am sure the owner takes very good care of it. I wish I left my contact details behind now.

Another thing I noticed is the cherished number plate. AT 31 is an original release dating all the way back to 1904. It was originally authorised by Kingston upon Hull County Borough Council. AT plates stopped being issued in 1925, so it goes without saying that today they fetch good prices. Today it would probably be valued in the region of £10,000 - £15,000.

Doing the maths, this century old vehicle would probably be worth about £150,000 number plate and all. A rare, pleasant sight and one I am very happy to have experienced.

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