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BANNED 64: The Plates that Did Not Beat the Censors

July, 24 2014

DVLA Number Plate News

Every year the DVLA releases two new number plate variations for the UK and every year certain number plates, some of which are very sought-after, get taken off the market without warning.

This is because the DVLA always vet future releases for anything obscene, sexual, racist or otherwise offensive and block them from release with the rest.

The latest 64 series was treated in much the same way with many registrations being banned from UK roads before they even made it to market.

As well as the usual restrictions the DVLA have turned their attention to more modern “offensive” terms. TOWIE fans might be disappointed to find out that a few number plates, such as VA65 ZUL (“Vajazzle”), have been banned.

For obvious reasons things like DO64 GER (“Dogger”), OR64 SMS (“Orgasms”) and SL64 AGS (“Slags”) have all been withheld for sexual references along with one that may have been ideal for a famous reggae artist, SH64 GGY (“Shaggy”).

DVLA have stopped any reference to negative road behaviour, such as AN64 GER (“Anger”), AN64 GRY (“Angry”), CR64 ASH (“Crash”) and DR64 UNK (“Drunk”).

Furthermore, anything with reference to sexuality (e.g. **64 Y** / **64 GAY), swear words (e.g. FO** *** / FU** ***), and race (e.g. **** JEW) and religion (e.g. **** GOD).

The next release is the 15 Series, released end of the year. I’m sure we’ll have another entertaining list of banned number plates for you all then.

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