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How the DVA Changes Will Affect Our Northern Ireland Customers

July, 10 2014


From the 21st of July all matters regarding the sale, transfer and retention of personalised number plates will pass from the DVA in Coleraine, Northern Ireland to DVLA in Swansea. This is part of the continued centralisation effort by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

It may not mean a lot to many of you, but to us at National Numbers and all our buyers and sellers from Northern Ireland this has been a long time coming. It is something we have wanted for a while because of the headaches that always came along with the typical “Irish transfer” as we used to call them.

What this means is that, finally, number plate transfers to and from Northern Ireland will work exactly the same way as it does for the rest of the country. No additional costs, no extra waiting times, no jumping through hoops.

While previously a number plate bought on a V750 Certificate of Entitlement would need to be transferred onto a vehicle and then onto a NI vehicle we will now be able to register it directly to the vehicle. The difference is 6 weeks transfer time down to about 2 weeks, so you can see why this is exciting news.

Northern Ireland will even receive the ability to retain private number plates. This is the process of taking the number plate off a vehicle and holding it on a V778 Retention Certificate if you did not have another vehicle yet. The rest of the UK have had this for years but for those in Northern Ireland if a vehicle was being sold they would have to transfer the number plate to another vehicle or risk losing the plate.

Our customers in Northern Ireland will soon have the luxury of cheaper prices, quick transfer times and all the extra services that comes with being with the DVLA. All paperwork is set to be standardised so soon Northern Ireland won’t even have to use their own documents version of existing DVLA documents, they can use the real things.

For us a National Numbers we will being able to rid ourselves of third and fourth parties needed to transfer a number plate to and from Northern Ireland, but above all else we will have much happier customers and I hope a lot of customers who thought the process was too complicated before will now reconsider.

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