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In Pictures: UK Ambassador Receives 007 Surprise

July, 23 2014

A few weeks back, RMA Motors (Kenya) launched the Jaguar F-Type, which is arguably one of the best sports cars in the world. Certainly one of the most highly rated ones anyway.  The car is retailing at between 15 and 20 million Kenya Shillings (about £100,000 - £130,000).

As Jaguar is a British company the event turned into a celebration of sorts for all things Britain. The car was taken to the British Embassy for a test drive by the High Commissioner, Dr. Christian Turner. But, they had one more surprise for him.

Adorning the British car, the British ambassador was surprised to find the number plate KBY 007T to represent the British icon in Agent 007 James Bond.

You can see his reaction below:

0070 0071 0072

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