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Police Officer accused of using number plates to avoiding ticket

August, 28 2014

Number Plate News


A South Wales Police Officer used number plates to pervert the course of justice Cardiff Crown Court was told.

Prosecutors allege that Anthony Rees-Thompson ordered new registration plates in an effort to avoid a speeding ticket.

“This defendant made a deliberate attempt to pervert the course of justice,” Prosecutor Meirion Davies told The Crown.

“His reaction is more important than the speeding offence itself. He has made a deliberate attempt to con his way out of it.”

The speeding offence was recorded in Swansea last year for a vehicle owned by Rees-Thompson’s step-father, who was in Spain at the time with his partner.

Upon being informed of the infraction the 10-year veteran of South Wales Police claimed that someone had cloned his number plates in a letter pretending to be his step-father.

The 40-year-old then used the £30 set of number plates to disguise the Vauxhall Corsa.

Rees-Thompson denies to allegations, claiming the purchase was made after noticing one of the originals were damaged.

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