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DVLA Must Do More To Address "Copycat" Websites

October, 17 2014


Websites charging for free DVLA services must be better addressed, the Transport Committee's latest report details.

"Copycat" websites mimic the appearance of other Government pages and mislead the public into paying for various services that may otherwise be free or less expensive by doing with the DVLA directly.

Websites like this usually use the personal details given to them by members of the public in order to request the service from DVLA themselves, earning a profit for doing very little.

In the Transport Committee's latest report, which details areas in which the DVLA should improve in order to provide a better service to UK motorists, urges for the DVLA to address the growing number of these websites.

"The DVLA and DVSA are important for delivering essential services related to tax, licensing, testing, and vehicle safety. The Department for Transport must ensure that its current re-organisation programme for these agencies delivers high quality services that benefit everyone," said Louise Ellman MP, Transport Commite chairperson.

The report also addresses the matter of sharing driver data to third-party companies, specifically parking companies. DVLA are urged to better explain what information gets shared and why, and also the safeguards in place to respect driver privacy.

DVLA should also make clear the though-process behind the fees being charged for such services to third-parties.

The continued introduction of new digital services were also referenced with the Committee believing that the DVLA should be doing more to help those who cannot or are unwilling to use the internet to access these services.

"The recent problems experienced by motorists when road tax renewal went online demonstrates the importance of responding to change, having clear communication with the public and an effective contingency plan to maintain confidence," said Ellman.

The Transport Committee is made up of 11 MPs from the three largest political parties. Their official remit is to scrutinise the Department of Transport and their main bodies, including the DVLA and the DVSA.

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