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Tax Discs Selling for Thousands

October, 20 2014


tax discs selling for thousands

Defunct paper tax discs are selling for thousands on various internet auction sites.

The value of physical tax discs has grown immensely amongst collectors since the DVLA stopping issuing new ones on October 1st.

Collectors of old tax discs, known as velologists, are paying out £30 or £40 for common expired tax discs on auction sites like eBay, but as much as £1,000 for rarer, older ones.

“The best tip is to keep your disc in pristine condition and store it safely,” advised Tony Hill, author of Trade and Collect Tax Discs.

“Any tax disc in poor condition will be worth a fraction of the same date in very good condition.”

Tax discs yet to be tore out of their original perforated letter from the DVLA have shown to retain the highest value.

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