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Where To Get Number Plates Made?

December, 29 2015


Buying Road Legal Number Plates

For a number plate to be legal it must meet the requirements as detailed in The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 legislature. This standard must be met if you are using the plate on the road.

Legal plates can be bought from any registered number plate supplier, as approved by DVLA. The supplier will need proof of identity as well as evidence that you currently own the registration. Examples of the evidence you can use can be found here.

Buying Plates from National Numbers

National Numbers is a registered supplier of acrylic number plates and provide plates to our customers who have bought a private registration from us.

We use Jepsons & Co Ltd, one of the country’s leading suppliers of acrylic number plates. Orders made through National Numbers are sent first class parcel post and are normally with you in 2-5 working days.

However if you are not a customer we cannot send you the registrations until we have received proof of identity and entitlement. It is recommended that you instead use a local number plate supplier.

Where to get number plates made? Please click here to find your local suppliers.

Buying Show Plates

If you are looking for non-road legal number plates there are numerous online outlets that will let you customise a number plate. These companies will not usually require evidence of identity or entitlement.

Number plates bought through show plate websites should only be used on vehicles at motor shows or similar events, and should not be used on the road.

Illegal Number Plate Risks

Use of misplaced, altered and non-standard number plates, which have been deemed unsuitable for use on the road, is closely monitored.

Motorists found driving with number plates not suitable for road use can receive fines up to £1,000 for each offence. If multiple offences occur the police can revoke the vehicle’s MOT until the plates are corrected and inspected.

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