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National Numbers Carp Fishers

March, 23 2017 | Noelle Darwent


National Numbers Carp Fishers

The anglers mentioned below in no way endorse the picture as representative of their own catches.

Meet (left to right) Tom, Marty and Pete, National Numbers carp fishers. They join a growing number of eager anglers participating in one of Britain's most popular sports: The EA Public Attitudes to Angling (2010) report said that 9% of the population over 12 years of age in England and Wales (equivalent to 4.2 million people) had been fishing in the last year.

So, what do the National Numbers team get from the sport?

"Peace and quiet" - Pete (Salesman)

"Thrill of fighting a big fish" - Tom (Systems Developer)

"Long periods of inactivity and anticipation interspersed with frantic heart racing excitement." - Marty (Sales Manager)

Carp were originally introduced by Monks to the UK as a food source and quickly became established as a target for anglers. Part of the carp's appeal is its reputation for being very difficult to catch and over the years anglers have developed their knowledge, techniques, tackle and bait to challenge these strong wily fish. Last year the British carp record was smashed by Essex angler Tom Doherty with the capture of "Big Rig" weighing 70lb 4oz. Apparently, carp get wiser as they get bigger and older with the oldest ever recorded carp named Raspberry (Redmire Pools in Herefordshire) who is thought to have lived to the age of 67.

How successful have the National Numbers fishers been?

The winner is our most experienced angler Marty with a 24lb catch.

And their advice to new anglers?

"Don't get caught without a rod license" - Tom

"Don't knock it till you have tried it" - Pete

"Carp fishing requires more time and effort than most forms of fishing" - Marty who goes on to add that he caught his first carp on a rolled-up ball of smokey bacon.

All sports develop their own lingo and carp fishing is no exception, here are some words to pepper any carp fishing conversation:

Amnesia A line used in stiff rigs
Bite Alarm An electronic device to detect line movement
Blood Knot Basic knot
Chick Pea Bait available in dried form and tins in supermarkets
Floater A floating bait
Greedy Pig Rig A rig holding very large baits, to avoid nuisance species or smaller carp
Knotless Knot A knot
Snake bite Hook length material
Zig rig Rig used for presenting floaters which rise up from a bottom weight

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