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Top Ten Areas for Untaxed Vehicles

June, 4 2020 | James Russell

Ever wondered where the worst areas for untaxed cars are in the UK?


Top Ten Areas for Untaxed Vehicles

Fear not! National Numbers have you covered. We have gathered data on untaxed vehicles in the UK and compiled this handy top ten list of untaxed vehicle areas. The list details the places in which there are the least amount of vehicles on the roads with valid tax attributed to them, with a little more information and explanation into why these specific locations have the most offenders for car tax evasion in the UK.

We've also included a nice handy graph! Because everybody loves a graph.

Let's begin... 

  1. Belfast
    Top of the table is the third most congested city in the UK, and tenth most congested in Europe: Belfast. With stats like these, it's no wonder they top the leader board!
  2. Birmingham
    Birmingham has an enormous population of just over a million people. The latest figures we could get our hands on state that there is approximately 1 car for ever 1.7 people, so speaking on a representative basis, 61,531 isn’t all that many. But it is still a staggering amount and rightfully second in this leader board of shame.
  3. Glasgow
    Glasgow is a vibrant city, full of culture, art, pubs, people, and unfortunately for the environment, cars. Out of 192,000 vehicles, just shy of 35,000 were untaxed cars. This means that their percentage of untaxed vehicles is around 18%, which is a really high amount of untaxed vehicles!
  4. Manchester
    Known as the second capital of England, or even the capital of the North, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Manchester is in the top 5 for untaxed vehicles in the UK. Not quite as bad as some of the other culprits in the list, Manchester still manages to come out in fourth position for untaxed vehicles in the UK.
  5. Sheffield
    There are roughly 300,000 vehicles registered in Sheffield, so a number of taxed vehicles being over 30,000 isn’t particularly great for this Yorkshire city. It means that one in ten vehicles registered in Sheffield are actually untaxed, which is far from impressive. Do better, Sheffield!
  6. South London
    It’s tricky to work out the total number of vehicles in South London, as it’s just one part of the most congested city in the world, let alone the UK. London is of course known for it’s extraordinary congestion and traffic issues. Even with the tube and bus services some of the most efficient and frequent in Europe, roads are often jam-packed on the streets of London. And apparently, quite a lot of these vehicles remain untaxed.
  7. Cardiff
    The capital of Wales features at number 7 in our top ten list, with a total of just under 29,000 untaxed vehicles. This is a high amount but for such a large population, it’s nowhere near as bad as some of the worst offenders in this list. Still, not a particularly good number as they have still made our top ten untaxed vehicle areas in the UK list.
  8. Nottingham
    Nottingham is another one with a high number of untaxed vehicles. However, it is such an enormous city area, just over 26,000 untaxed vehicles isn’t as bad as it may seem at first glance. However, eighth place in this untaxed vehicle list isn't exactly anything to be proud of, considering the population is just shy of 300,000 and not everybody has a car.
  9. East London
    Again, a trip to the largest city in the list. You guessed it, it's in England's capital. This time, we head to East London which boasts an impressive 26,005 untaxed vehicles. Maybe impressive is the wrong word however, maybe unlawful would be better. Again, as with South London, it’s difficult to work out the number of vehicles on East London roads, but 26,000 untaxed vehicles is no good regardless of the number. That's why East London has squeezed in at number 9 in our top 10 untaxed UK vehicles list.
  10. Edinburgh
    And finally, we head to the Scottish capital; Edinburgh. Home to Harry Potter, lots of pubs, fancy architecture, and apparently a severe case of negligence towards taxing vehicles. Although nowhere near as bad as Glasgow which is way up in third position for untaxed cars and vehicles, Edinburgh still manages to sneak in to our top ten untaxed vehicles list by the skin of its teeth at number 10.

And as promised, here's your graph!



Information sourced from the DVLA.

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