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RB 6 - A Historic Number Plate for Sale

September, 5 2022 | James Russell

Sometimes at National Numbers, we advertise a private registration that is quite simply a cut above.


RB 6 - A Historic Number Plate for Sale

This is one of those occasions, and we’re extremely proud to have available a fantastic number plate that comes with an incredible history.

We’re talking about RB 6, and in today’s blog, we’ll discuss some of the history of this remarkable personalised registration. From it’s legendary original owner to some of the vehicles it’s been on, and of course, how you can buy it today.

Sir Robert Bellinger – the original owner of RB 6.

RB 6 was originally purchased by none other than Sir Robert Bellinger, who led quite an incredible life.

A British politician, Sir Bellinger grew to prominence as Lord Mayor of London in 1966 until 1967. However, not quite contented with one of the most prominent political jobs in the land, he later became Governor of the BBC, chairman of the Panel for Civil Service Manpower Review, Gentleman Usher of the Purple Rod of the Order of the British Empire, and chairman of the National Savings Committee.

And as if that wasn’t enough for one lifetime, he was also president of several Buckinghamshire sports clubs, as well as director of Arsenal Football Club from 1960 to 1996. Famous in footballing circles as well as politics, Sir Robert Bellinger retired as director of Arsenal and was appointed Life President, which is a title he held until his death at the age of 92, in 2002. Sir Bellinger led a unique life, then, and one that matches an incredible number plate.

Registrations with this kind of history are very rare, and it’s not hard to see why Sir Robert Bellinger chose RB 6, given the proximity to his name. It’s also quite clearly a beautiful number plate, given the cherished style of the registration as well as the initials, which are very popular in the UK.

The cars behind the number plate.

For a number plate with such a rich history, it’s no surprise that it’s adorned some incredible cars over the years.

Originally placed on a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, which Sir Robert Bellinger bought brand new and personally collected from the factory, RB 6 started life on a car that certainly lives up to the beauty of the reg.

Take a look at the vehicle in question in all its glory below, perfectly topped off with the RB 6 number plate on a vintage physical number plate.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow with RB 6 Number Plate

What gives this reg and vehicle even more resonance is the fact that the current owner of RB 6 (who’s selling through National Numbers but prefers not to be named), purchased both vehicle and plate from Sir Robert Bellinger back in 2000, just two years prior to Sir Bellinger’s death.

Later, our seller moved RB 6 onto an equally beautiful classic car - a 1960 Bentley Continental. See below for a photo of this absolute beauty of a British vehicle, fully equipped with the RB 6 personalised registration.

1960 Bentley Continental with RB 6 Number Plate

How to buy RB 6.

Now, onto the part we’ve all been waiting for - how to buy RB 6.

National Numbers are selling this one on behalf of a well-respected businessman, and the best way to enquire about this fantastic personalised registration is at our dedicated RB 6 website page.

Here, you can buy it now or come in with an offer for our seller to consider. However, this is a truly remarkable number plate, so make sure your offer is representative of the registration on offer.

As well as visiting the RB 6 website page, you can also call our sales team directly to discuss this number plate in more detail, buy, or make an offer.

The number to call is 01642 363738, and here you’ll be put through to our expert, friendly sales team who will help you with your enquiry. Open from 9am-7pm Monday to Friday, 9:30am-5pm on Saturday, and 10am-5pm on Sunday, our sales experts can help with all kinds of questions surrounding the number plate, and relay offers to the seller on your behalf.

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