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Seven Funny Number Plates Spotted in the UK

January, 30 2023 | James Russell

Here we are again with some funny UK number plates to enjoy.


Seven Funny Number Plates Spotted in the UK

Today, we’ll continue where we left off when we last wrote about funny number plates in the UK, and provide an updated list of the silly, the rude, and the downright ridiculous private registrations recently spotted on UK roads.

Let’s start with a private registration that benefited from a cheeky (and illegal) screw.


A well-placed (illegal!) screw turned this into an “out there” private number plate, with the 47 year old Welsh female owner finding it hilarious to have the word “SLUT HO” on her vehicle.

The police didn’t find it very funny, however, as she was fined £350 for having the illegal screw in place. They also made her remove the screw from the private reg herself, in front of them, which she said was a pretty difficult endeavour, especially as they offered no help!

The owner said she saw a “tart” number plate somewhere and was inspired to find her own, and couldn’t resist when she found this one, which she thought was incredibly funny and not offensive at all. While the police begged to differ, we can’t help but agree to a certain extent.

  1. WH05 HYT

Okay, this one is illegally spaced and when one of the National Numbers team spotted it on the roads, it actually read WH0 SHYT, as you can see below.

Considering it’s for a drainage company, it pretty much speaks for itself.

East Coast Drainage number plate

And while we definitely do not condone illegally spaced registrations, and they can land you with a fine and the plates could also be taken away, we did have a laugh at this one.

  1. TE51 CLE

The DVLA are pretty effective when it comes to spotting and banning rude number plates before they’re released to the public.

However, they dropped a ball (no pun intended) when they allowed TE51 CLE to be remain on UK roads.

Spotted on a Corvette, nonetheless, quite a few years ago, we missed it in our last roundup of funny number plates, so here it is, presented in all its glory… TE51 CLE.

  1. T111 URD

We really do apologies for the gutter (or should that be toilet?) humour in this blog, but let’s be honest, dirty words make some of the funniest private registrations. This one was spotted a while back for another drainage company, who generally seem to be keen on finding the funniest private registrations available for their fleet vehicles.

To be fair, you’d probably want to have as many laughs as possible if you’re dealing with the kinds of things those guys deal with. Fair play!

  1. PA55 MEE

At first, PA55 MEE might give you a little chuckle, but when you realise it was spotted on a learner vehicle, it’s pretty hilarious.

It’s fair to say that this particular funny number plate is multifunctional, too, giving instructions to impatient drivers stuck behind this vehicle on an A-road or motorway.

  1. OF70 BED

Any sleepy readers out there? Don’t worry, you can spread your love for your bed or tell other drivers where you’re probably heading with this fantastic private number plate.

OF70 BED Number Plate

Luckily for you, if you are someone who’s frequently off to bed, you can buy OF70 BED exclusively with National Numbers. It’s actually one of our stock private registrations, too, so you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else.

Buy OF70 BED with National Numbers.  

  1. BUG 80Y

Another business dealing with pretty unfortunate things on a daily basis, BUG 80Y was spotted on a pest control business vehicle.

It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to private number plates spelling out exactly what you want them to, and suffix registrations are a brilliant way of achieving this kind of result.

If you want to be just like the bug boy with your own suffix private number plate, you can build your own suffix car registration plate with National Numbers here.

  1. L5 BOG

Spotted and uploaded to Facebook, this toilet-themed private car reg was spotted in Bognor by a lucky number plate enthusiast.

Promise, this is the last one from a company specialising in excrement, but we couldn’t resist including it, especially since it’s legally spaced.

Bog Private Number Plate
  1. S90 POO

Okay, we lied. But this guy isn’t even in the drainage of plumbing industry! Maybe the owner just likes that kind of thing, And who are we to judge when it gives us such gloriously funny number plates ending in poo.

S90 POO number plate

Not sure how the DVLA let this one pass under their radar, but again, we’re glad they did.

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