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Naughty Number Plates Spotted on UK Roads

June, 14 2023 | James Russell

Private number plates can be used to symbolise lots of things.


Naughty Number Plates Spotted on UK Roads

Names, initials, businesses, pets, the list goes on. However, some number plates create a stir on their roads due to being a little bit naughty.

Today, we’ll explore some of the naughtiest, rudest, and shocking number plates spotted on UK roads. We’ll also show you where you can buy rude private number plates, and give you examples of naughty number plates that are currently up for sale.

  1. H110 RNY

When we look at the below photo, we aren’t talking about NX55 FAJ. We’re of course looking at the bright yellow posh Porsche with the naughty number plate.

It’s hard to disagree that it’s slightly strange to have this word on your car, but we don’t judge here at National Numbers.

Yellow Porsche with Horny number plate
  1. P50 RNX

Dodgy spacing of the characters aside, this one reads very much like “porn”, with an “x” thrown in for good measure. Very childish! But also pretty funny and definitely falling under the category of naughty number plates.

Red Audi with Porn number plate
  1. T3 WAT

No mistaking this one, and no need for an illegally spaced number plate, either.

Just a simple, effective, naughty number plate, with an insult taking aim at pedestrians and bad drivers, perhaps? Maybe the driver is sick of being called this name on the roads, so decided to wear it as a badge of pride, instead.

You can make your own mind up about that.

Black BMW with Twat number plate
  1. FA70 RGY

This one obviously slipped through the net of being banned by the DVLA because they don’t have enough of a dirty mind.

To be fair, they probably didn’t put the words “fat” and “orgy” together when on a banning spree, because the combination is so random.

It’s a number plate built for the naughty list, and is an example of a truly unique, truly strange registration. Cool car, though.

And now is a good a time as any to let you know that if you want a naughty number for your own car, you can buy rude private registrations with National Numbers.

White Lamborghini with Fat Orgy number plate
  1. OW51 LLY

Maybe a Yorkshire owner for this one, given the spelling, or maybe they couldn’t figure out how to get the letter “h” in there. Either way, it’s a great plate that gives us a break from being ridiculously rude.

However, once again, the characters are illegally spaced. ‘Ow silly is that!

Black car with Ow Silly number plate
  1. BJ69 GAG

Somehow, we don’t think “gag” means “joke”, here. This is probably the naughtiest number plate we’ve ever seen, and there’s really no need to go into any detail as to why this is the case.

It doesn’t take much imagination to understand what the plate is saying, so we aren’t sure why the owner risked a fine with the illegal character spacing between BJ and 69.

Yes, we said fine there, as you can land yourself with a £1,000 fine and have your private number plates removed if they’re illegally spaced.

Tesla with BJ69 GAG number plate
  1. BA51 CAF

One of those phrases that seems to have become huge in recent years. Basic AF, or basic as f***, is a really clever reg, and makes great use of the 5 and 1 to create S and I.

Not a bad effort at all, but again, the characters are illegally spaced, which puts the registration at risk of being seized or at least, having a fine thrown the owner’s way.

Red car with Basic AF number plate
  1. PL15 SYS

It’s understandable that PL15 SYS wasn’t banned by the DVLA, because without the illegal character spacing, it really is just an innocuous private number plate.

However, once the owner of this one visited a show plate dealer, instead of a reputable private number plate manufacturer, they worked their dark magic and made something truly naughty.

White van with Pussy number plate
  1. G5 POT

This is one of the few on our list that isn’t a millennium style number plate. Instead, it’s a prefix registration, highlighting a part of a female’s anatomy.

Once again, however the owner has went with illegal spacing for this private plate, but not to great effect, as they should have joined the 5 and POT together rather than spacing that out, too.

Maybe an attempt to hide the dodginess from police, maybe just poor craftsmanship from a showplate manufacturer. Either way, it’s illegal.

And you might struggle to find plates like this on the market (get it?), but we can help you with loads of road-legal, prefix number plates here.

Small red car with G Spot number plate
  1. FK11 TTT

The final naughty number plate on our list is another one with illegal character spacing on the reg, but we laughed anyway.

Maybe it’s the overall sentiment that we found funny, or maybe it’s the amount of Ts used making it sound like this person is having a really bad time, shouting “f*** itttttt” from the rooftops.

Either way, nice work, even though it’s illegally spaced.

Silver Mercedes with Fk It number plate

Buy naughty number plates with National Numbers

At National Numbers, we have over 40 years of experience in the number plate industry. We’re leading experts with a fantastic reputation on Trustpilot, and you can buy naughty number plates at our website.

You can also call our sales team on 01642 363738 for some naughty private registration inspiration.

And if you’re in the market for a non-naughty number plate, we’ve got you covered, there, too. Use our number plate search tool and look up words, initials, or anything else to find the perfect private registration.

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