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10 Funny Number Plates for 2024

January, 16 2024 | James Russell

Happy New Year everybody, we hope you had a great time with family and friends and that you are back into the swing of things for January.


10 Funny Number Plates for 2024

Now, enough of the pleasantries, let’s start 2024 the right way with some funny number plates spotted on UK roads. From comical to rude and everything in between, we’ll cover all corners of the United Kingdom to bring you our top ten funniest registrations of the year so far.

Anyway, let’s not stand on ceremony. Let’s laugh at some number plates.

  1. XOI 108

At first glance, this looks kind of innocent, but see it in your rear-view mirror and you’ll definitely have a chuckle.

Bollocks private number plate

Spotted, perhaps unsurprisingly, in Scotland, this dateless personalised number plate is on a lovely old Jaguar and kickstarts the list off nicely. Fair play to whoever bought this one, very innovative indeed!

  1. ELV 1S

Elvis has left the building. To buy himself a lovely Hyundai Kona.

Elvis private number plate on Kona

A weird homage to “The King”, this is one of the odder registrations that’s been spotted in recent times. Maybe the owner is just called Elvis, although we don’t think it’s that popular a name in the UK these days.

  1. 698 ABY
69 baby reg on car

Some dodgy spacing involved here but kudos for the effort. If the DVLA spotted this one they would be absolutely disgusted, but we’re much more juvenile and had a good laugh at it.

Using the 8 as a B is a classic tactic for private registrations, and this has been used to write something Austin Powers would say. A pretty nice car to have such a ridiculous reg, too, which is quite rare!

  1. 7 POO

Only joking, even Ferrari owners are getting in on the fun in 2024. Not sure how this made it through DVLA checks and is allowed on UK roads, but we’re glad it is.

7 poo number plate on ferrari

Ridiculous placing for this one but that’s the least of their issues. They bought a private registration to spell the word “poo” and put it on a Ferrari. They’re clearly a bit weird!

Still though, great work and one of the best on the list, for sure.

  1. AB16 BRA

A rare millennium style number plate thrown into the mix this time, with AB16 BRA spaced to spell “A big bra”, instead. Good for the owner for either showing off their assets or those of a spouse, perhaps?

A big bra number plate on land rover
  1. BU22 ZNG

We were absolutely buzzing when we were presented with this registration, for a number of reasons. Not only does it utilise the 22 to spell “ZZ”, but it’s on a Volkswagen ID Buzz car.

Buzzing number plate on ID buzz

It doesn’t come better than this, even if the spacing is illegal.

  1. SHA 63R

They need to employ more dirty minded folk at the DVLA by the looks of things. How did this one ever get released? Even when you type it out innocently, it’s clearly not great.

Shagger number plate on Range Rover

Anyway, whoever bought this Range Rover is pretty confident in their bedroom abilities, enough to show it off on their car! What a great reg and an even nicer vehicle. Nice scenery, too.

  1. SP21 UDS

Another millennium reg in the mix! Great work.

Spuds number plate

This isn’t as rude as some of the others we’ve spotted, but it’s definitely just as funny. Spelling the word “spuds” brilliantly and completely legally, this one is a fantastic, even if the car seems to be parked on a pavement or central reservation.

Maybe it’s a chip shop owner, jacket potato shop owner, or simply a lover of the humble spud. Whoever it is, we salute you!

  1. KG02 PUB

If you insist! This is another millennium number plate and although the spacing is incredibly illegal, it gave us a laugh. Another Range Rover on the list, this private reg was spotted and uploaded to Facebook, and we’re happy it was.

Pub number plate

We’ll take this as a direct order and get the first round in. See you there!

  1. 3 RSE
Arse private number plate on Mercedes

If you’re noticing a theme here, you aren’t alone. This describes another one of the less popular body parts and once again is spotted on somewhat of a classic car.

Spelling out “arse” pretty cleverly, considering the characters used, this is another example of a dateless reg used for naughtiness on a UK private number plate.

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