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RRR Number Plate Inspiration

February, 13 2024 | James Russell

Welcome to a very special, Indian-Telugu-themed number plate blog.


RRR Number Plate Inspiration

We’ve had a lot of enquiries regarding a specific set of registrations lately, that to be honest, baffled most of us in the office. Nobody could quite put their finger on the sudden interest in such a random letter combination, RRR, until our head of IT realised there was a very popular film on Netflix by the same name.

So, let’s dive into what RRR is all about, how to buy yourself the perfect RRR number plate, and the other private personalised number plate options we have available to buy online.

What is RRR?

RRR is an Indian Telugu-language epic period action-drama film, currently available to watch on Netflix.

It features all kinds of amazing stunt work, drama, and basically everything you’d want from a bombastic Indian masterpiece. On top of being a lot of fun and the most expensive Indian film ever made, it’s also the third highest-grossing Indian film, the second highest-grossing Telugu film, and the highest-grossing Indian and Telugu film of 2022 around the world.

Receiving critical acclaim for its fantastic writing, performances, soundtrack, cinematography, and general amazingness, it’s one of the best non-English language films released in recent times for lovers of the action genre.

Best of all, it’s currently on the world’s leading streaming site, Netflix, which means more and more people in the UK are being exposed to this, quite frankly, brilliant film.

RRR number plate inspiration

This massive interest in the film has fans flocking to show off their admiration for the piece of work. One of the ways this is being done is through private number plates, which makes sense considering it’s a rare example of a film you can spell perfectly on a UK registration.

Take a look below for some RRR personalised number plate inspiration.

RRR registrations with a fire in background

Better yet, head over to our website where you can browse our vast range of RRR number plates yourself. Click the link below or give our sales team a ring on 01642 363738 for guidance.

Buy RRR number plates.

How to buy the perfect RRR number plate.

With the background and some inspiration out the way, let’s run through just how easy it is to buy yourself or a loved one an RRR private number plate.

The first step is to head to our website and search for the initials RRR. You can also visit this link where we’ve done it for you. If you aren’t as keen on a digital approach and prefer speaking to a human, our sales team are also available to help you on 01642 363738.

Now, back to the online process.

Once you’ve found the RRR number plate you like, fill in your details and choose your payment method. You can pay by bank transfer or cheque, but the most popular methods are debit or credit cards.

If you’d like to stretch the cost of your chosen reg, you can also choose between a range of finance options, if they’re available on your RRR number plate.

Since we only sell the legal rights to registrations, you may be wondering where you can buy physical number plates to attach to your car. Fear not, as we’ve got you covered again, and you can select your physical plates in the next step of the buying process.

We have a range of DVLA-compliant borders, fonts, and flags available for your selection, with each provided by our parent company, Jepson & Co. Ltd. As the oldest and one of the most highly revered number plate manufacturers in the UK, you’re in safe hands when you choose Jepson & Co. Ltd.

With this step completed, you’ll need to transfer the number plate, which we can also do for you during the buying process.

Finally, you’ll be sent a new logbook with your number plate details, and if you transfer the reg online, the rights will transfer instantly. Once all of this is complete, you’ll have to tell your insurance company about the change and then, you’re ready to go!

Browse our private number plates.

Buy with confidence with National Numbers

At National Numbers, we have over forty years of experience in the industry and are a trusted, reliable DVLA number plate dealer. With a super simple ordering process and personalised reg plates for any budget, you can buy the perfect RRR (or any other) private registration today with National Numbers.

Simply call our sales team on 01642 363738, or buy the perfect private number plate online.

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