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Car Tax

Vehicle Excise Duty (Car Tax) is a tax levied on most types of vehicle that are used or parked in the UK.

Car tax bands allow different rates to be charged for different types of vehicle. Vehicles registered before March 2001 pay duty based on the size of the vehicle's engine. Vehicles registered after March 2001 pay vehicle tax based on a more detailed assessment of both fuel type and CO2 emissions. Newer, energy efficient vehicles pay less car tax generally than vehicles with larger, older engines.

Some vehicles are completely exempt from car tax. These include agricultural vehicles, the vehicles of royalty, etc.

Registered keepers of tax worthy vehicles that are not being used on the road must declare their vehicle off-road with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

Choose an article below to find out more about DVLA car tax, such as how to tax a vehicle, road tax costs and refunds of tax, disabled car tax.

9 articles in this section:

Vehicle and Excise Duty: Taxing a Vehicle

How do I tax my vehicle with or without a reminder? On this page: Taxing your Vehicle with a Reminder Taxing your Vehicle without a Reminder Taxing your Vehicle with a...

Vehicle Tax Costs

How do I find out how much tax rates for different vehicles? Visit this page to find out the tax rates for different types of vehicle.

Vehicle Tax Refunds

Registered keepers should automatically get refund of vehicle tax if they inform the DVLA of the following circumstances. Sold or transferred Declared Statutory Off Road Notification...

Qualifying for Disabled Tax Class

How do I Apply for Free Vehicle Tax for people who are ill, have a disability or only use their vehicles for those who are ill or have a disability? On this page: Who can apply for free...

Vehicle changes that affect Tax

If I make changes to my vehicle, how will that affect how much vehicle tax I pay or the vehicle's tax class? On this page: What changes can affect vehicle tax? How to change a...

How to Tax when Abroad

How do I tax my vehicle if I am out of the country when my tax expires? Taxing a vehicle up to one month before the tax is due If you're due to be out of the country around the time your tax expires, don't...

The Rules and Laws Governing Car Tax

What are the rules and laws concerning car tax? On this page: Paying Car Tax Penalties for not Taxing or Declaring SORN Informing the DVLA of changes Paying Car Tax All...

Vehicle Tax Exemption

Which vehicles are exempt from paying car tax? Vehicles used by a disabled person You can claim disability exemption when you apply for vehicle tax if you meet various criteria. For more information...

Reporting an Untaxed Vehicle

You can use DVLA's to find out whether or not a vehicle is taxed - if you suspect isn't. First, check online to find out if the vehicle is taxed . You should only report a vehicle that is untaxed or a vehicle...

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