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There are additional requirements for the car and trailer driving test on top of the usual car minimum standards.

Your vehicle must meet the minimum requirements for test.

Cars and Vans - Minimum Requirements

The vehicle must be a four-wheeled vehicle weighing 3,500 kilograms. It must be capable of at least 62.5 mph/100km per hour. It must also be fitted with a speedometer that can measure speed in mph.

The vehicle must display L plates on both the front and the back and be a smoke-free environment.

The vehicle must have a seatbelt for the examiner, and an integral passenger head restraint. The vehicle also needs to have an interior mirror for use of the examiner.

It goes without saying that the vehicle needs to be legal and roadworthy.

Cars and Vans - Types of Vehicles you can use

Most normal hatchbacks, estates and saloons are suitable for the driving test.

Vehicles with a greater range of all-round vision are better in general for towing.

Convertibles and Panel Vans

If you want to use a convertible to tow, you must check when you book that the vehicle is suitable, as many are not due to the poor all-around vision of the car.

Panel vans are not acceptable at all for the above reason.

Quadricycle - Category B1

A tricycle or quadricycle must weigh not more than 550kg (un-laden) and should be capable of at least 37.25mph (60km/h).

To ride a quadricycle you need a category B car or B1 licence.

Last updated: Thursday 19th March 2020

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