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This section explains the medical conditions you need to be aware of as a driver. Whether you already have a driving licence, or you're learning to drive for the first time, it might be helpful for you to check the list of medical conditions that can affect driving.

If a medical condition will influence your driving then your doctor should make you aware of this and you will need to surrender your licence. Your doctor will tell you when you can drive again. Visit DVLA's website for a more in-depth description of what to do about a particular medical condition.

If a relative dies you may need to inform DVLA of the bereavement so that the individual's licence can be cancelled.

3 articles in this section:
Health conditions that affect driving, list of conditions

Here are some health conditions that may affect your driving. Your doctor will tell you if you are no longer able to drive for medical reasons, and you may need to surrender your licence. Bear in mind...

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How to tell DVLA you are ceasing to drive

Your doctor will tell you if your medical condition has developed to the stage where you can no longer drive safely. Your doctor will let you know when you can drive again, but until then you must...

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How to inform DVLA of bereavement

Notify DVLA as soon as possible following bereavement - send back the deceased's driving licence and their vehicle's registration certificate (V5C). This will prevent you from receiving post about...

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