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DVLA and Vehicles

This section contains DVLA information specific to vehicles: vehicle tax - how to tax, how much tax costs; vehicle registration certificates - how to change your address, how to notify DVLA of a vehicle sale; buying a vehicle or selling a vehicle, Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) ; MOT tests, advice on keeping vehicles, and vehicle enquiries and crime.

Car Tax

Vehicle Excise Duty (Car Tax) is a tax levied on most types of vehicle that are used or parked in the UK. Car tax bands allow different rates to be charged for different types of vehicle. Vehicles...

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Vehicle Registration Certificates

A vehicle registration certificate (or V5C document) is issued by DVLA and contains information about the vehicle and the keeper that the registration certificate pertains to. The vehicle...

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Buying and Selling Vehicles

Buying or selling a vehicle can be a challenging time. Use this section to find advice on both buying and selling vehicles, your rights as a consumer, and buying and selling privately. Get help with...

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Statutory Off Road Notification

Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) is required by DVLA when a vehicle is not being used on a public road, and therefore does not require vehicle tax. Declaring SORN informs DVLA the vehicle is off...

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MOT Tests

MOT tests (Ministry of Transport tests) are a scheme managed by DVLA to ensure that vehicles in the UK are roadworthy and meet pre-defined environmental standards. A vehicle will need an MOT test...

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Advice on Keeping Vehicles

As a driver or keeper of a vehicle there are some basic responsibilities you should uphold - the most important of these is regular maintenance of your vehicle, which, along with your annual MOT test, will...

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Vehicle Enquiries and Crime

DVLA vehicle enquiries are a useful way to ensure you know the history of the vehicle you're buying. This section gives information on the various checks you can make to ensure the authenticity of a...

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