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Exchanging your Tax Disc

Find out the reasons why you might need to exchange or duplicate your tax disc, and how this can be done using DVLA's services.

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Reasons to Exchange your Tax Disc
Exchanging your Tax Disc
Extra Tax Payments
Application Form V70

If you change your vehicle in any significant way, i.e. make changes to its construction, or if you want to change the way you use your vehicle, you will need to exchange your tax disc to upgrade or downgrade to the appropriate tax class.

Reasons to Exchange your Tax Disc

You will need to exchange your tax disc following these changes:

  • Tax class
  • Engine size / cylinder capacity
  • The fuel type
  • Your use of the vehicle has changed

Changed Fuel Type or Engine Size

If the amount of tax you pay will reduce as a result of changed fuel or engine size, documentary evidence must be provided to the DVLA.

Provide evidence in the form of receipts for work done to your vehicle, or a letter from the manufacturer or person who undertook the work.

Exchanging your Tax Disc

Exchanging is possible via post, or you can visit your local DVLA office.

What to Take or Send - Private or Light Goods Vehicles

Ensure you take or send the following:

  • Current tax disc and form V70 exchange of vehicle licence application
  • Registration certificate (V5C), or completed V62 'application for a vehicle registration certificate (V5C)' if the registration certificate isn't available
  • Valid insurance and MOT test certificate
  • If extra payment is needed, take this too (see 'Extra Tax Payments' below)
  • Documentary written evidence of changes such as decreased engine size or fuel change

Extra Tax Payments

To calculate extra vehicle tax:

  • Find out what the new rate of vehicle tax for your vehicle will be
  • Calculate the difference between your old rate and your new rate
  • Divide the number by the period of your current tax disc
  • Multiply this figure by the months left to run on your tax disc

See current vehicle tax rates.

Application Form V70

The exchange of vehicle licence application form V70 can be downloaded from the DVLA or picked up in person at any Post Office branch or DVLA local office.

Or you can find out how to download the V70 in our Vehicle Tax DVLA Forms section.

Last updated: Monday 25th July 2011

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