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Your Legal Obligations as a Driver

Every road user must meet certain legal obligations. The most important of these is to keep both your driver and vehicle record with DVLA up to date.

Driving Licence

You must have the correct driving licence for the vehicle being driven. It is also a legal requirement that you meet legal minimum age and eyesight requirements.

Learner Driver

Learner drivers must be supervised by a qualified driver. This is not the case for riding a motorbike.

Your Vehicle

Your vehicle must be registered with DVLA, have a valid current tax disc, and hold a current MOT test certificate.

It is also a legal requirement to have a minimum of third party vehicle insurance.

Informing DVLA

If you change your name or address, make any alterations to your vehicle, sell your vehicle, or develop any medical conditions, you must inform DVLA.

Last updated: Friday 22nd July 2011

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