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Those who wish to drive on UK roads must observe the duties and obligations of drivers using vehicles. These include always informing DVLA of any changes to either yours or your vehicle's details.

What you need to Drive or Ride a Vehicle

  • A driving licence for the kind of vehicle you want to drive
  • To meet the minimum age requirement for drivers and riders
  • To meet the legal eyesight standards for drivers and riders

Learner Drivers

Learner drivers must be supervised by a qualified driver. Learner riders are not supervised in the same way but will still have a supervisor with them when they take lessons.

Before Driving on the Road

Before taking any vehicle on a UK road you must ensure that the vehicle is registered with DVLA.

Your vehicle must be taxed and hold a current MOT (if required).

You must also have insurance covering you to drive the vehicle - "third party" insurance is a minimum.

Inform DVLA of Changes

It is a legal requirement for riders and drivers to inform DVLA of any changes to their circumstances. These include changes of address and/or name, alterations to vehicles, or the development of medical conditions that might affect driving.

DVLA must be informed immediately when road users sell a vehicle.

Last updated: Thursday 30th May 2019

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