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Endorsements, Points & Disqualifications

Motoring offenses can incur fines and 'endorsements'. An endorsement on your driving licence means that you have been given points which will remain on your licence until they expire - depending on the type of offense committed, this is usually four or eleven years.

Endorsements and Penalty Points

Endorsements carry a number of penalty points ranging from one to eleven.

Endorsements will show on your driver record with DVLA and also be printed on to your paper driving licence.

Serious Driving Offenses

The penalty points that result from a serious offense will stay on your licence for eleven years from the date of conviction.

If the offense is related to drink/drug driving, then it will be shown on the licence as DR10, DR20, DR30 and DR80.

Other Driving Offenses

With less serious offenses, penalty points remain on the licence for four years.

This includes reckless or dangerous driving, which will show on your licence as the codes DD40, DD60 and DD80. It also includes offences resulting in disqualification, and offenses where you have been disqualified until you've passed a driving test.

Accruing Penalty Points

Points accrue over periods of three years. 12 penalty points are the maximum number of points allowed before becoming liable to disqualification. If disqualified due to the threshold being reached, the code TT99 will be shown on the licence.

The New Drivers Act

The above is reduced to six points if you are a new driver. If you reach six points in the two years since you passed your test, you'll be disqualified and your licence taken away.

Endorsements on your Licence

You will need to produce your licence to various bodies, such as the Police, Fixed Penalty Office or to the court.

If you've lost your licence you will need to get a replacement driving licence.

Expired endorsements are automatically removed when a licence is updated. However if you want to remove the expired endorsements immediately, you can apply to remove penalty points from your driving licence.

Last updated: Monday 25th July 2011

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