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The MOT Certificate

DVLA allows MOT renewals up to one month before the date of expiry. Taking advantage of this will not affect your expiry date. The MOT test simply considers the vehicle in its state at the time of the test. It does not guarantee roadworthiness, good condition, or mechanical soundness.

Check online to find out when the MOT test is due

If your vehicle has passed its MOT test, you will receive an MOT certificate that confirms your vehicle meets the legal minimum requirements for safety and the environment and it will be recorded in the DVLA database

The MOT test certificate contains the same information that is entered on to the DVLA's secure central database. The certificate alone is not proof of an MOT - only DVLA computer records are considered proof of a valid MOT test. This is because forgeries of MOT certificates can exist.

Following a test, you will be given one of two things. If your vehicle passes the test you'll receive the A4 sized certificate. If it fails the test, you will receive a notification of failure and this is recorded on the DVLA database. If your MOT has run out you can drive to get the faults rectified or to an MOT retest.

Last updated: Friday 19th January 2018

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