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MOT Costs

MOT costs are governed by maximum fees. This page gives the maximum fee for various vehicle classes. The actual fee you will pay depends on the MOT test station you use for your MOT test - it may cost less than the figure given here, but it will never be more.

Since 6th April 2010 the maximum fees for MOT tests are as follows:

ClassVehicle TypeAge first test required (years)Price
1Motorcycles (up to 200cc)3£29.65
2Motorcycles (over 200cc)3£29.65
1 & 2Motorcycles with side car (any engine size)3£37.80
3Three wheeled vehicles3£37.80
4Cars & light vans3£54.85
4Ambulances and taxis1£54.85
4Private Passenger Vehicles & Ambulances (9-12 Passenger Seats)1£57.30
4aIncludes seat belt installation checkN/A£64.00
5Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (13-16 passenger seats)1£59.55
5Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (More than 16 passenger seats)1£80.65
5aIncludes seat belt installation check (13-16 passenger seats)N/A£80.50
5aIncludes seat belt installation check (More than 16 passenger seats)N/A£124.50
7Goods vehicles (over 3,000 kg up to 3,500 kg DGW)3£58.60
n/aPartial retest fee Half test fee
n/aMaximum fee for duplicate test certificate (or half the full test fee if less) £10.00

Last updated: Friday 22nd July 2011

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