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MOT Failure and Retests

When a vehicle fails its MOT test, a failure document is provided which outlines the exact reasons why the vehicle failed. The document references the points as given in the inspection manual, which describes testable aspects of the MOT test.

Most MOT test stations will retest a vehicle free of charge or at a reduced price. Most set a small time frame in which the vehicle must be returned. This allows vehicle owners to fix minor problems with their vehicle.

If you leave your vehicle at the MOT test station with the intention of them repairing it, then it can be retested up to 10 working days after the original.

If you take the vehicle away from the test station for repair before the end of 10 working days, the free is reduced by a half.

If 10 days pass, then you must have a new MOT test and pay the full amount again.

Test stations provide everything you need to know about the cost of the MOT test and retest fees, or see MOT Costs.

Last updated: Friday 22nd July 2011

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