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New Document Checking Service

New Document Checking Service

Due to a recent effort by the government to streamline the number plate transfer process there are no longer any local DVLA officers, the last of which closed in December 2013.

Applications to transfer or assign personalised registrations will be dealt with by DVLA, Swansea. Turn-round time at the local offices was usually 2 or 3 working day, and sometimes transfers could be complete “over the counter” within a few hours. In contract, DVLA, Swansea times can be as long as 2 or 3 weeks.

It is imperative, therefore, to make sure that all documentation submitted is correct since, if anything is wrong, the whole transaction will be sent back. Obviously, upon re-submission, the paperwork will go right back to the end of the queue. Essentially, you could be waiting 3 weeks to be told to try again, which will then take another 3 weeks.

National Numbers Ltd provide a Document Checking Service whereby our experienced admin staff checks that all your paperwork is correct before submitting the transfer to the DVLA. This will prevent unnecessary waiting times. The DVLA will then return the completed transaction back to National Numbers so we can check one final time that all is correct before we send it back to you.

The fee for this new service is £49, which includes VAT and the Royal Mail Special Delivery charge between National Numbers and the DVLA.

If you wish to use this service please ring 01642 363738 or email

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