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Qualifying for Disabled Tax Class

Find out what you need to know about qualifying for disabled tax class, what documents you need, how to tax your vehicle in the disabled class for this first time, and how to renew your current disabled tax class disc.

On this page:
Exemption Certificate
First Time Taxing in the Disabled Class
Renewing your Disabled Tax Disc
Tax without Vehicle Registration Certificate/New Keeper Supplement

Exemption Certificate

For an individual to tax their vehicle in the disabled class, they must be in receipt of one of the following:

  • Higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance
  • War Pensioners Mobility Supplement

You will have one of the following exemption certificates:

In receipt ofRelevant Exemption Certificate
Disability Living AllowanceDLA 404 or the Certificate of Entitlement
War Pensioners Mobility SupplementWPA0442

To apply for disabled tax class, your exemption certificate must be valid on the day the tax disc starts. Remember that it can only be used to tax one vehicle at a time.

To tax your vehicle by post or at a supporting Post Office branch, remember to complete the appropriate sections of your exemption certificate and ensure that it is stamped by the counter clerk each time you apply for a free tax disc.

First Time Taxing in the Disabled Class

Take your valid exemption certificate along with your vehicle registration certificate (V5C), insurance certificate and MOT certificate (if needed) to tax by post or in person at a supporting Post Office branch.

If you don't have the full vehicle registration document (V5C) because you recently acquired the vehicle, you can use the new keeper supplement (V5C/2).

Renewing your Disabled Tax Disc

As with regular renewals, you can apply to renew your disabled tax class disc from the fifth day of the month.

A valid exemption certificate is essential - your vehicle cannot be taxed without it.

Provided you are still eligible, the Disability Living Allowance Unit automatically sends a new certificate of entitlement every year to enable you to tax your vehicle.

Tax Online or by Phone

Your V11 Reminder or V5C shows a reference number which you can use to renew your tax online or by phone. You will also need to give your serial number as provided on your DLA 404, Certificate of Entitlement or WPA0442.

Also have the following details of the person claiming:

  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • National Insurance Number

You should be aware that all details are verified electronically upon application.

Tax at a Post Office or by Post

To tax at a Post Office or by post you will need your V11 reminder or V5C. Remember to take or send:

  • Your completed V11 reminder or V5C
  • Valid insurance certificate or cover note
  • Valid MOT certificate (if the car is over three years old)
  • Exemption certificate - Certificate of Entitlement, DLA404 or WPA0442

All documents should be originals (except for insurance certificates which can now be downloaded copies).

Tax with a New Keeper Supplement (V5C/2)

To tax with a New Keeper Supplement you'll need to visit your local DVLA office, taking with you the completed forms V62 'Application for a vehicle registration certificate (V5C)' and V10 'Vehicle licence application'. This can only be done for up to 13 months from the date you bought the vehicle.

See Vehicle Tax Forms or collect the forms from a Post Office or DVLA local office.

Tax without Vehicle Registration Certificate/New Keeper Supplement

You can tax at your local DVLA office provided DVLA records show you as the registered keeper of a vehicle.

The form to use is V62 'Application for a vehicle registration certificate (V5C)'. There is a fee of £25 for the registration certificate.

You cannot tax a vehicle if you're not shown as the registered keeper. To do this, apply to get a vehicle registration certificate in your name. The form you need is V62 'Application for a vehicle registration certificate'. Post this to DVLA, Swansea SA99 1DD.

Certificates may take up to four weeks to arrive. Do not drive the vehicle until you receive the certificate.

Last updated: Monday 25th July 2011

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