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Registering a Vehicle with DVLA

Some form of personal identification is always needed when an individual registers a vehicle for the first time at a DVLA local office. This prevents fraudulent applications and ensures keeper name and address details are accurate.

The V55/4 Application Form

The V55/4 form is used to apply for a first licence for a new vehicle and declaration for registration. Use this form if you are importing a new vehicle, kit car, etc.

The V55/5 Application Form

The V55/5 form is used to apply for a first licence for a motor vehicle and declaration for registration. Use this form to register used or rebuilt vehicles.

The Identity Documents

To prove your identity, you can use either your photocard driving licence, or two original documents - one should clearly show your name and another which shows your address.

ID to Confirm your Name

  • Current DVLA paper driving licence
  • United Kingdom or European Union or foreign passport
  • Marriage certificate
  • Decree nisi or absolute
  • Birth certificate

ID to Confirm your Address

  • Utility bill with a date range in the last 3 months e.g. gas, landline telephone, electricity
  • Bank or building society statement with a date range in the last 3 months
  • Medical card
  • Council tax bill for current year

How to Register

Visit your local DVLA office to register. You will need:

  • V55/4 or V55/5
  • Identity documents as given above
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Payment for vehicle tax
  • The first registration fee is £55.00, if appropriate
  • Any documents you have relating to the vehicle
  • MOT if required
  • Evidence of type approval
  • Declaration of newness (if applicable)
  • Appropriate HM Revenue and Customs form

Imported Vehicles

Imported vehicles will also require the following documentation:

  • Foreign registration document or any papers relating to the vehicle
  • Evidence showing the date the vehicle was collected

DVLA may inspect the vehicle before assigning a registration.

Identity documents you provided to support your application will be returned with your vehicle tax disc.

Expect to wait six weeks for the vehicle registration certificate. After this time you can contact DVLA.

Last updated: Wednesday 24th May 2017

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