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The information that DVLA holds forms two separate databases - the Vehicle Register contains information about vehicles and keeper and licensing information. The Driver Register holds entitlement information.

Access DVLA Information

The Freedom of Information act means that DVLA is permitted to release certain information to those who can legally receive it.

All data held by bodies such as DVLA is protected under the Data Protection Act, however under certain circumstances somebody else may need to access the information. Before they can do so, they must show 'reasonable cause' and pay the appropriate fee.

Such causes may be to do with:

  • Road safety
  • Events that occur as a result of vehicle use
  • Enforcement of road traffic legislation
  • Collection of taxes

Information can be sent to:

  • The police
  • Local authorities
  • Car parking enforcement companies
  • Solicitors
  • Finance houses
  • Property managers
  • Private individuals who give 'reasonable cause'

DVLA's Driver Records

DVLA does not share driver information readily. It can share it with other Government departments where legislation permits this.

Driver information can also be shared, with the consent of the driver, to organisations wishing to check an individual's entitlement to drive.

How to Make a Request for Information from DVLA

Find out what information DVLA holds about you on your vehicle or driver record, or find out the same information about another vehicle's keeper so long as you have reasonable cause to do so.

For more information see our section on requesting information from DVLA records.

Last updated: Thursday 30th May 2019

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