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Renew Licence after Disqualification

If you've been disqualified and are wondering when to apply for a new driving licence when the disqualification ends, then you should know that you can apply to renew your licence up to 56 days before the end of the disqualification period.

DVLA will send you a reminder, along with a D27P form, 56 days before the disqualification period. The D27P allows you to renew your licence.

Photocard Driving Licence

Complete the D27P form making sure to enclose the correct payment and send it all to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AB.

If your photo is due for renewal, this will be mentioned on your D27P form.

Paper Driving Licence

Complete the D27P form, and give DVLA original documentation confirming your identity. Make sure you include a passport style photo and the correct payment. Send everything to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AB.

Renewing without D27P

If you didn't get a D27P, don't worry - you can use a D1 form, which is the usual application for a driving licence. You can also pick this up from a Post Office. Note that the fee after disqualification may be different to the usual fee.

Receiving your New Driving Licence

Expect to wait up to three weeks or longer if any details have to be checked. After this time you may contact DVLA.

For alcohol related offenses, medical enquiries will be made by DVLA. The offenses are as follows:

  • You were disqualified because of an alcohol level of over 200mg in the blood; or 87.5mg in the breath; or 267.5mg in urine
  • You were disqualified twice in a 10 year period for certain alcohol related offences
  • You were disqualified for failing to give a specimen for testing

Driving without the Physical Licence

It's OK to drive or ride your vehicle while you are waiting for a new licence to arrive, under the following circumstances: you're not disqualified from driving, or been refused a licence for medical reasons, and wouldn't be refused a licence for medical reasons.

Last updated: Wednesday 24th May 2017

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