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Replacement Driving Licence

If either part of your driving licence is lost, stolen, or defaced, then you must replace it immediately. This can be done online, on the phone, or by post.

Note that paper licences will be replaced with photolicences.

Online Driving Licence Application

Use DVLA's online replacement driving licence service.

Postal Driving Licence Application

You'll need to get the appropriate forms online or at a post office that deals with vehicle licencing.

Renewing a Photo on a Photocard Licence

A photo can be renewed by you at any time. A photo on the photocard licence has an expiry date. You must renew your photo before it expires. The date of expiry is shown on the front of the licence.

You can learn more about renewing the photo on your licence and apply online via DVLA's website.

Lost Licence

If you later find a licence which you replaced, then return it to DVLA with a letter to explain what happened.

Driving without the Physical Licence

It's OK to drive or ride your vehicle while you are waiting for a new licence to arrive, under the following circumstances: you're not disqualified from driving, or been refused a licence for medical reasons, and wouldn't be refused a licence for medical reasons.

Last updated: Monday 30th April 2018

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