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Heavily tinted windows on the front could lead to prosecution. If you'd like to tint your vehicle windows, be aware of the rules regarding the amount of tint that can be applied to the front windscreen and the two windows either side of the driver.

The legal limits for front window tinting are:

Front windscreen: 75% of light should be let through by the tint
Front side windows: 70% of light should be let through by the tint

As many new vehicles already have some kind of tint, if you add more, it's likely you'll have gone over the legal limits.

Penalties for Illegally Tinted Windows

If the police stop you and the vehicle is examined, light measuring equipment will be used to measure your window tints. Enforcement action may result from tinted front windows. You may receive:

  • A prohibition notice (this will prevent you from using your vehicle until you remove the tint)
  • A penalty notice
  • A court summons

Selling a Vehicle with Tinted Windows

Do not sell your vehicle if its windows are heavily tinted on the front as this is an offence for which you could be prosecuted.

Are Tinted Number Plates Legal?

While lots of people regard tinted number plates UK laws to be flexible and unclear, it's strongly advised that you do not use tinted plates on your vehicle.

According to UK law, 'it is an offence to obscure, render or allow a number plate so that it becomes not easily distinguishable'. This basically means that if you make a number plate difficult to read, it's illegal. In low light and sometimes even in regular light, tinted number plates definitely fit the bill of being hard to read, it's part of their appeal to those who buy them, but it also makes them illegal.

Punishment for having tinted number plates in the UK is the same as having number plates obscured by dirt, and that's a fine of up to £1000, which may be reduced to a police caution and smaller fine. Your vehicle will also almost definitely fail it's MOT with tinted number plates, so it's best to avoid them altogether and not risk it.

Last updated: Thursday 12th March 2020

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